Sogrape Vinhos, SA. Implements InnovWay QMS

The Sogrape Vinhos, SA. Starts in the month of March to InnovWay QMS implementation across your organization.  

With the InnovWay QMS platform, the Sogrape Vinhos, SA., will in a way across the entire enterprise, improve and facilitate their quality processes, customer service and Atmosphere.

Customizable project, where we can highlight the detailed registration module – with associated checklist audits.

The Ambidata ®, along with the Sogrape Vinhos, SA., faces the challenge of closing the project in June 2014.

The Sogrape Vinhos, SA. has implemented in the Central Laboratory of Avintes LabWay digital solution-LIMS ®.

In the second half of 2014, will start implementing the LabWAy-LIMS ® in the laboratory of quality control and finished product.

The Sogrape Vinhos, SA. born in 1942, with the ambition to make known to the world the Portuguese wines.

The production process of Sogrape is these days, absolutely valuable. Currently, the company has a total of 18 farms, 15 centres of winemaking and bottling lines 9.





Different from the concept of "Paperfree Laboratory" – Paperless Lab, digital lab concept has been very successful and acceptance in the media less automated laboratory and with high technical requirements.

On Ambidata ®, as well as in our customers and partners, the concept of paperless lab, was and is seen as a utopia of implementation impracticable for several reasons; so, we created a different concept, the Digital Lab.

With different objectives, much more realistic, aimed at the Organization and integration of all existing digital information in a lab. The main ideas that are at the base of this concept are the following:

• "If the original information is Digital Digital should be maintained."

• "If the information produced is Digital then must remain Digital."

• "If we have analog information (on paper) should converts it into Digital."

• "All Digital information must circulate through digital media."

• Obtain data directly from the source!

• Eliminate transcriptions and (re) Validations.

• Know where the data!

• Know what to do with the information. 


• Optimization of internal processes

• Easing of activities performed

• Saving of material and human resources

• Optimization of routes of crops

• Optimization of the distribution of work

• Reduction of the insertion time of results

• Elimination of analog documents and forms

• Reduced technical support

• Reducing the runtime of processes

• Reduction in the time spent in records

• Bureaucracy

• Reducing the time of validation Results

• Reduction of time in issuing and sending of newsletters

• Simplification of processes

• Improvements in the Organization and control of Processes

• Improving the service provided to the end customer

• Improving working conditions

• Digital Certification of documents

• Paper saver "environmentally friendly." 

Where we are: Water, food, petrochemical, pathology, medically assisted procreation-PMA, donor Center, Noise, physiological (wine and oil), ceramics, Water managers, pharmaceutical, Food, automotive Flours, Solar, welding, construction and engineering.

 ROI: 1-2 years