Different from the concept of "Paperfree Laboratory" – Paperless Lab, digital lab concept has been very successful and acceptance in the media less automated laboratory and with high technical requirements.

On Ambidata ®, as well as in our customers and partners, the concept of paperless lab, was and is seen as a utopia of implementation impracticable for several reasons; so, we created a different concept, the Digital Lab.

With different objectives, much more realistic, aimed at the Organization and integration of all existing digital information in a lab. The main ideas that are at the base of this concept are the following:

• "If the original information is Digital Digital should be maintained."

• "If the information produced is Digital then must remain Digital."

• "If we have analog information (on paper) should converts it into Digital."

• "All Digital information must circulate through digital media."

• Obtain data directly from the source!

• Eliminate transcriptions and (re) Validations.

• Know where the data!

• Know what to do with the information. 


• Optimization of internal processes

• Easing of activities performed

• Saving of material and human resources

• Optimization of routes of crops

• Optimization of the distribution of work

• Reduction of the insertion time of results

• Elimination of analog documents and forms

• Reduced technical support

• Reducing the runtime of processes

• Reduction in the time spent in records

• Bureaucracy

• Reducing the time of validation Results

• Reduction of time in issuing and sending of newsletters

• Simplification of processes

• Improvements in the Organization and control of Processes

• Improving the service provided to the end customer

• Improving working conditions

• Digital Certification of documents

• Paper saver "environmentally friendly." 

Where we are: Water, food, petrochemical, pathology, medically assisted procreation-PMA, donor Center, Noise, physiological (wine and oil), ceramics, Water managers, pharmaceutical, Food, automotive Flours, Solar, welding, construction and engineering.

 ROI: 1-2 years